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Congratulations Sam,

1st time A1 Test Pass

Congratulations  Heather,

1st time A1 Test Pass

Congratulations Darren,

1st time A1 Test Pass


Small Motorcycle (Category A1 Licence)
Test Training Click for info. Please Click Here for 2013 licence info update

Pre-Course Requirements You will need the following:


  • A Driving Licence with Provisional Category A1 entitlement

Module 1 Training

The training and tests are taken on a bike not exceeding 125 cc engine capacity and 11kW (14.6 BHP). We use restricted Yamaha YBR 125 machines for this category as shown in the photos.



Our test training courses can be taken over three, four, five or six days and longer if needed with the tests taking place only when the candidate is ready and properly prepared. When you book your training you will be given your provisional Module 1 test date and time and the course dates which will precede your test date. Your instructor will spend some initial time with you both off and on road in order to isolate any weaknesses in your riding and to determine your training needs to get you to test standard. You will train for both Module 1 and Module 2 in the period leading up to your Module 1 test with an emphasis on this during the period of training immediately prior to your test slot.

Module 1 Test  

                                                                                                                                                                                               How much training do I need to pass the tests?


If you already have some riding experience (for example, you have been gaining riding experience on your CBT Certificate for a few months) then your on-road experience will be useful for your Module 2 however without the correct amount of training for the Module 1 test, the chances of passing it are virtually nil.


Module 1 Test

Novice riders considering going straight from Compulsory Basic Training to Test Training without any other practice time in between would be encouraged to take a four day course as a minimum. When you have passed your Module 1 you will have a maximum of two years in which to take and pass your Module 2 test unless your theory test expires prior to the expiry date of your Module 1 certificate.

Once you have successfully passed both modules you can ride without L plates, carry a pillion passenger and ride on a motorway so long as your bike meets the restriction criteria of the A1 licence.

If you are naturally nervous when taking tests, try to think of your motorcycle tests as an opportunity to show the examiner the skills that you have learnt rather than thinking “I’m being tested”.

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