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Moped Test

(Category AM Licence)

In reality, not many people opt to take the moped test due to restrictive nature of the licence but if this is for you then read on…

Pre-Course Requirements You will need the following:

In order to take a Moped Test Training course you need to be 16 years of age or over. When you book your training you will be given your Module1 test date and times and the course dates which will precede your test date. The course duration can be anything from a minimum of two days on upwards depending on your riding experience and ability. The test will be taken on the final day. Unless riding you own machine, you will be riding one of our 49cc mopeds.


On the day of the test you will need to show the examiner your CBT Certificate, your Theory Test Certificate and both parts of your driving licence (paper counterpart and photo card).
When you have passed both parts of your test you can ride without L plates and carry a pillion passenger but you will not be able to ride on a motorway and will also be restricted to machines not exceeding 50cc. A restricted licence category also applies if you take your test on an automatic machine (i.e., you will not be permitted to ride a geared machine without taking another test on a geared bike).

If you fail either module of your test don’t worry. Your instructor will explain any areas of your riding that need further attention from the feedback received from the examiner and your test report. You will have another opportunity to retake the test.


If you are naturally nervous when taking tests, try to think of your motorcycle test as an opportunity to show the examiner the skills you have learnt … rather than thinking “I’m being tested”.

The cost of this course is the same as A1 Test Training.

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